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Spent yesterday off work ill (for which read, jet-lagged and with a nasty headache). Didn't go out to vote. If the BNP get in, hold me responsible, okay?

My ability to type is going to pot. Don't know why. It's annoying.

My mum's computer is apparently slightly deaded. Obviously, for the stuff of hers on it, I hope she gets it sorted out, but also this slightly scuppers my plans of scanning book covers for Librarything. Speaking of which, I've just started on my Giles annuals. I'm trying to work out - they don't really count as graphic novels, do they? *g*

I miss Sarah. I'll be seeing her at the weekend. This = good.

My driving mock test (slight return) is tonight. The real thing is on the 16th.

I'm starting to be ruthless with the chucking-of-old-stuff regime. I've put tons of stuff through the shredder (actually, that's probably not an exaggeration). I'm sort of having to face the fact that if something has sat in a drawer for ten+ years and I haven't looked at it and didn't even remember that I had it (or, it technically was Jane's and she didn't take it with her when she left me), then I probably can just chuck it and y'know what, it probably won't affect me too much.

TF fans on my Flist, it may interest you to know that apart from a feature on Revenge of the Fallen, the latest issue of SFX has a retro feature on G1 animated. Sarah, d'y'want to cop a look when you're down here over the weekend? I guess I ought to read it, to bring me up to speed on who all these robots are...

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