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Exciting news

ISIHAC's back tonight, hosted by Lord Stephen of Fry.

I'll be out having a driving lesson, though, thus maintaining my 100% track record of never actually listening to an episode of ISIHAC as it goes out. Tim's taping it, though, which is good.

Speaking of Lord Stephen, who else saw Kingdom last night, and thought it was a.) rather naff that they tried to make out that sci-fi enthusiasts and UFOlogists are one and the same thing (in my experience they're not, and it definitely didn't help that they were going for the rather "nutty extremist" image of UFOlogists); and b.) rather pleasant that, in amongst a plot revolving around sci-fi enthusiasts (in which one character dressed up as TomDoc) they had Colin Baker in an (admittedly rather minor) role? Yay!Colin!

And speaking of driving - test tomorrow morning. *ulp* Followed in the evening by a quiz with the local Doctor Who group. Three guesses which I'm looking forward to more?

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