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Our Friends in the North.

So, over the weekend, apropos of more or less nothing, I started watching Our Friends in the North. No particular reason - it was just in a pile of DVDs that I haven't got round to watching, and I just figured, och, what the heck.

It's really rather good. I mean, yes, EcclesDoc and Craig!Bond, but the whole cast is really rather spectacular (Malcolm McDowell! Trevor Cooper! And is it me, or is Gina McKee really rather pretty?), and a lovely narrative weaving in and out of real events from British political history 1964 - 1995 (I say that, I'm still on 1984 at the moment) but very much focussing on ordinary people.

Kind of reminds me how much I'd really like to get involved in local politics. I guess, if I'm honest, I have two twin fears - one is that Labour might remain in power after the next general election, and the other is that the Conservatives might get voted in. Neither possibility particularly thrills me. I've always voted LibDem, and I'd like to think they stand a chance of getting in, -ish, sort of, sooner or later eventually, and I'd love to get involved with them at a local level, but having said that more and more I'm sort of politically really rather more left of centre than that, and thinking seriously about joining the socialist party, maybe after a while standing for some sort of council seat. I really honestly feel that socialist values can do local communities a world of good. That may be horribly naive of me, but there y'go.

Mind you, one of the other things I think vaguely might be right for me is the ordained ministry, possibly in the Methodist Church. Not sure if the two can be easily combined...


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