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Well, I'm still enjoying Our Friends in the North (on the last episode now). But...one of the perils of being a pedant is that sometimes I notice things that maybe other people wouldn't and they niggle me a bit more than is really right. Like the way in the 1987 episode, the "Black Monday" stock market crash of 19th October is followed by the hurricane - which as any fule kno took place over the night of Thursday 15th/Friday 16th October. That really jarred.

Had a good weekend - Sarah and I went to Ikea and bought a couple of bookshelves which I put up and loaded with the various DVDs in our collection, especially the Doctor Who ones (also the Doctor Who VHS and CD stuff). There are a few of my things that are still in Chelmsford, but even when they're added they'll be some considerable space left over for a few books and things to be brought out of storage.

Also, the small bookshelf which was downstairs holding a few of my DVDs is now upstairs in the bedroom where it now houses my rather extensive collections of books-I've-not-yet-gotten-round-to-reading-yet. To give you some idea how extensive, the top two shelves, and the right-hand half of the bottom shelf, are taken up with books to be read, which had been under the bed until I dug them all out on Sunday. (On the left-hand side of the bottom shelf is much of my RPG collection - mainly Dungeons & Dragons and various incarnations of Traveller). Y'know, I honestly think that maybe I should, say, not buy any more books for a while!!! But realistically, it's very difficult to go past a bookshop without wanting to go inside...and very difficult to go inside a bookshop without wanting to buy at least something.

While loading up the Doctor Who stuff, I noticed a few things were missing - The Tenth Planet VHS (which I'd accidentally left behind in Chelmsford) was the easy one to sort out, and I suspect that The Mind Robber and Carnival of Monsters DVDs may be in with Sarah's stuff in the lock-up (although I could have sworn I pulled it out of storage when we were there a while back...). The absence of The Ark and Kinda on VHS is somewhat harder to understand, though. Maybe I lent them to Sarah some time back and they too are in storage? Also, for some reason my collection of Traveller LBBs is missing (most of the rule books and a fair few adventures and supplements), which is pretty inexplicable. Still, not the end of the world.

Also, went to TGI's in Milton Keynes on Saturday evening to celebrate krazykipper's birthday, which was good geeky fun (Sarah and I were sat next to someone who'd organised, apparently, the only UK cinema screening of Ten Inch Hero and was chatting about Supernatural in general and Asuylum in particular, so that was good geeky company. Then on Sunday we went to Watford via Chorleywood to celebrate Rita (Sarah's mum)'s birthday, round at Claire & Nick's. Nick wasn't there, but baby Michael was. He's now 15½ months old and walking. Not quite talking (although vaguely articulate gurglings are emerging), though. Seems a very cheerful young lad.

Yesterday evening could have been better, though - after Sarah had dropped me off back in Chelmsford, I was sitting happily eating dinner whilst watching Kingdom (is it me, or does it just get sillier? A pitched battle featuring druids versus golfcarts is just not something I expect..!) when a couple of minutes before the end something tripped the fuse box. Proved very difficult to get it working properly, and basically, certain bits of downstairs were still without power when I went to bed.

Annoying this is, I think it was my fault - I'd somewhat overloaded the washing machine; I don't know if that would ordinarily cause such problems, but Sarah seems to agree with my hypothesis that that's the cause, so that seems a reasonable guess. All working okay now.

Other slightly negative news - discovered that Pendracon has sold out so I won't be going to it. Which is annoying. Still, it's my own daft fault for putting it off...

Off to PC World this evening to pick up a new CD/DVD drive, seeing as the one in my iMac has v. definitely bitten the dust.

Right now, I'm feeling pretty chipper.

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