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Two things.

Firstly, Rosetta Stone didn't half sound like early Sisters of Mercy. And by "early" I mean First and Last and Always and some of the Reptile House singles before that.

Secondly, I'm not going to bother doing a major Torchwood write-up just yet, partly 'cos I don't have the time but also because just about everyone else seems to be doing it and I don't think there's much I can add *suffice it to say, am enjoying muchly). Two things I will say are:

a.) the big problem with the whole "five episodes stripped over a week" thing is that it's going to be over way too quickly. I'd prefer something to last a bit longer and bridge the gap until new SJA and new DW after that.

b.) I noticed an issue of Heat in the rest room at work just now, open to a page previewing Torchwood, and commenting that it is, in part at least, a gay love story. I was also rather cheered by the ratings news - the first couple of episodes have each achieved about 5.5/6 million viewers, and episode 2 was the most watched programme on UK television yesterday.

This means that the most-watched programme yesterday was, in part, a gay love story.

I think that's worth celebrating.

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