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Torchwood thoughts.

I think my overall feelings on each episode really depend on the cliffhanger. So at the end of episode 1 I was all "OMG! THEY'VE EXPLODED THE HUB! THEY CAN'T DO THAT???!", and at the end of episode 2 I was all "meh, a man appears to be getting indecent with a glass box" (although the stuff with Jack's body re-assembling had a certain fascination), and at the end of episode 3 I was all "OMG! Jack was a bad guy in 1965?". But generally, on the whole, I'm enjoying it, even though I realised part way through yesterday's episode that basically, this is all a First Contact story, and not to be picky, but given that Torchwood is part of what I believe is referred to as The Whoniverse, isn't it a bit late for First Contact stories? This should probably be about 38th* Contact, if we're being absolutely pedantic. But yeah, it's certainly a good exciting rollicking adventure, and it looks really beautiful (should the fact that it's made in HD actually make a difference given I'm watching on an analogue signal on an old set? I don't know, but it seems better than before), all the aerial shots of Cardiff and now London, and now Jack's back in his proper coat so YAY! But there's not enough Jack/Ianto snoggage and sex. Hopefully there'll be some of at least the former in the next couple of episodes. And am I alone in thinking there's more to Lois Habiba than meets the eye? In the first episode, she seemed to be...well, rather more than just a nosey temp, she seemed to be being written as someone who's snooping around deliberately, possibly for someone else. That was certainly the way I interpreted some of her scenes.



*Okay, I pulled a number from thin air. Problem?

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