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The old ones are the best...

...even when they're totally, utterly, inaccurate.

In amongst a pile of papers, I just found a clipping that was presumably given to me by some quiz-going friends of mine, and is therefore presumably pretty recent, probably no more than a year or two old.

It's just a quiz question, taken from a newspaper/magazine:

"8. Which alien life form took its name from a single volume of a collection of encyclopaedias?"

The answer provided* is a.) obvious to anyone who knows their Doctor Who history, and b.) utterly wrong, and was indeed revealed as being utterly wrong some time ago, possibly back in the '70s. Possibly before then.

It's kind of sweet, I guess, that despite that, people keep wheeling it out. It's up there with the old Trivial Pursuit question about "who created Doctor Who?"** Kind of like a comfortable old baggy jumper that you keep wearing even though it's totally the wrong size and a ridiculous colour and who on earth knits a jumper with three sleeves and two neck holes anyway, but...


* "Dalek. Creator Terry Nation saw the volume covering the sequence 'dal-lek'." Personally, I always thought "dal-ek" would be more likely...

** Terry Nation. Well, that's what it says on the card...

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