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David Brider

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Today I have been mostly: driving

Went out for a PassPlus lesson in the afternoon, and then Sarah came down so we could take some more of my stuff up to her house. Unfortunately, she was sore and painful from an injury she'd suffered at the gym earlier in the week, so I drove us to Sarah's house.

And then she gave me the keys and told me to drive back on my own.

I had a brief moment of "erk", but I think I coped pretty well, apart from stalling a couple of times. And on one occasion doing the speed limit and being overtaken by a couple of Mr. Impatients. Sheesh.

I feel quite happy about achieving that. I parked really well at my mum's afterwards. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo (although I thought about it...) so you're gonna have to take my word for it.

Tomorrow is the big day. Everything of mine will be leaving my current house and going to either Sarah's or the lock-up. And then I move in with Sarah. I'm kind of excited, but sad as well - I'll miss this house, I've been here nearly ten years.
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