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The NHS - my two penn'orth

I have diabetes.

I've been prescribed Metformin, two tablets a day, to help me deal with it and the tablets cost about £7:00 for about a couple of months' worth.

I also suffer from depression, and have been prescribed Citalopram for that - I take one tablet a day, and the tablets cost about £7:00 for about a month's worth.

Because I have diabetes, I'm entitled to a medical exemption certificate, which means that these - and indeed any other drugs I may need be prescribed - do not cost me the rather paltry sum of £7:00 a shot (because, seriously, for most people on a reasonable wage, that's not going to break the bank), but are in fact free of charge to me.

Indeed, there are a number of other groups of people who are entitled to free prescriptions - for example, people aged under 16; people aged 16 - 18 in full time education; people aged over 60; people with a maternity exemption certificate; people with a medical exemption certificate; people with a War Pension exemption certificate; and people in receipt of various forms of benefits such as income support and income-based jobseekers allowance.

So, yeah, anyone who wants to try on the whole "NHS = bad & evil" trick with me really can give up now. I think they rock, and that's nothing to do with the fact that I work for 'em.

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