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What? Why yes, I *am* a memesheep.

ive Things You Are Addicted To
1) Walker's Salt & Vinegar crisps.
2) Chocolate.
3) Kipper.
4) Cheese & tomato pizza.
5) Fish & chips.

Five Places You Want To Visit Before You Die
1) The Lake District
2) Venice
3) Egypt
4) Vienna
5) New Zealand

Five Movies You Absolutely Loved
1) Back to the Future (all three parts - yes, I know, so call me a cheat and have done wi'it).
2) Star Wards (original trilogy, all three parts)
3) Serenity
4) Love, Actually
5) Notting Hill

Five Movies That Absolutely Sucked
1) Honestly can't think of any. If I think I'm not going to like a movie, I don't watch it.

Five People You Want To Punch In The Face:
Again, I honestly can't think of anybody I'd punch, simply 'cos punching people isn't my thing. However, assuming this can translate as "people you really really don't like"...
1) Nick Griffin
2) Anybody who votes BNP
3) George W. Bush
4) And I can't think of any more.

Five Things That You Find Extremely Disgusting
1) Smoking
2) Racism
3) Homophobia
4) Bigotry in general
5) Being proud of ignorance.

Five Of Your Pet Peeves
1) The bath in Sarah's - now our - house. Specifically, the fact that the shower hose can't be wall-mounted, the fact that the shower has about as much force as a lethargic hamster, and the fact that the hot tap keeps falling off the bath.
2) The fact that if I get the bus to work from Stortford, it'll involve arriving at 8:10am and leaving work at 5:40pm, i.e. somewhat in excess of my rota'ed hours. That and leaving home in the morning before I've had time for breakfast. So, I think I'm going to be driving a lot in future.
3) I can't think of any more, but that'd do.

Five Things You Would Get If You Won The Lottery
1) I'd pay off my debts.
2) Then I'd get a new computer or two, the latest iMacs.
3) I'd buy a house for Sarah and I that was big enough for us and our possessions.
4) I'd make sure we could go on a nice holiday.
5) I'd probably give a large chunk of the rest to friends, family, and charities.

Five Things That Would've Changed Your Life If You Had Done It Differently
1) Not going to university straight after A-levels.
2) Going to university.
3) Marrying Jane.
4) Not learning to drive a lot earlier.
5) Becoming a Christian.

Five Random Things Around You
1) Sarah's guitar
2) Lots of piles of CDs to sort through
3) Lots of piles of videos to sort through
4) A hammer
5) Some of Sarah's pills

Five Little Known Things About You
1) I secretly quite like Lily Allen, but can't quite work out if it's socially acceptable to admit this
2) I got engaged at primary school to a friend called Julia. We were both about nine. It didn't last. I don't think either of us really knew what "getting engaged" meant.
3) If I take off my glasses, I can't see clearly more than about three inches in front of me.
4) I'm currently writing a novel called Very Cross, and have the plots for about half a dozen more kicking around in my subconscious. I'm determined to actually finish one...
5) Jane, my ex-, once photographed me wearing our flatmate Alexis's dress. Fortunately for my sanity, the photos didn't come out. Alexis complained that her dress had stretched.

Five Things You'd Love To Change About Yourself
1) I'd like to lose weight.
2) I'd possibly like to be less stubborn.
3) Getting rid of the depression would help a lot too.
4) The fear of making 'phone calls? Check, that can go.
5) Money management. I'd like to have some.

Five Things That Would Make Your Perfect Day
1) Waking up and not having to do anything.
2) Waking up beside Sarah.
3) A romantic walk with Sarah in the local park.
4) A Lord of the Rings-a-thon.
5) A Firefly/Serenity-a-thon.

Five Things You Want To Say To Five People (w/out saying names)
1) I love you to bits, but would it kill you to be a little teensy bit more romantic? *g*
2) You're a fantastic person, and if I'm honest I have rather a crush on you.
3) I forgive you, and the door's always open if you want to come back into my life.
4) I forgive you too, but you hurt me a heck of a lot and I don't like the way you made out it was my fault - from my perspective, you were the one being all unnecessarily unpleasant and unreasonable.
5) Having you on my Flist is a great thing and seeing your entries always cheers me up.

Five Things That Always Cheer You Up
1) Sarah
2) Mock the Week
3) Good music played loud
4) An enjoyable meal
5) Doctor Who

Five Things You Use Everyday
1) Toothbrush
2) Shower gel
3) Trousers
4) Computer
5) iPhone

Five Animals You'd Want As Pets, But Can't
1) A cat
2) Another cat
3) A third cat
4) Cat number four, to go with the first three cats.
5) A rabbit!!! No, who am I kidding, it'd have to be yet another cat...

Five Names You Hate
1) Um...I can't really think of any.

Five Things You Love To Drink
1) Lemonade (old-style)
2) Robinson's Lemon Barley Water
3) Ribena, not terribly diluted.
4) Ribena, not terribly diluted with lemonade instead of water.
5) Orange Fanta

Five Things You Find Attractive In The Preferred Sex
1) Intelligence.
2) Good looks.
3) Sense of humour.
4) Left-leaning politically.
5) Common sense ('cos someone in this relationship needs some, and, um, it ain't me).

Five Things We Need To Get Rid Of To Change The World
1) Homophobia.
2) Racism.
3) Sexism.
4) All other forms of bigotry not covered by the above three.
5) War.

And now, time for dinner and Mock the Week

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