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Anyone know how to fix a dead iMac? Or indeed if it is fixable? It blew a fuse about a month ago, which I replaced and it then seemed to work fine (apart from a problem it's had for a while now, where it overheats quite often and the fan revs like crazy). Blew another fuse today, which I replaced - turned it on, the white light at the front lit up for a second but then went dead. Tried it again after a few minutes, and nothing, not even with a new fuse. I'm presuming this is just a power issue, so - can the machine itself be fixed, is the data on it salvageable, will a trip to the local Apple shop help, or are there cheaper possibilities for fixing it? It was bought in 2005, so although I've not checked I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty.

All advice gratefully received (although if the consensus is "you've had it" I may reserve the right to go and sulk in a corner...)

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