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So, got the Mac back from the menders on Friday (it was, as we suspected, just a power supply problem...), and hopefully it'll have a few more years' life left in it yet.

Then this morning, I put a couple of Martyn Joseph albums back onto my iPod - I'd backed loads of tracks from my iPod onto DVD-R a while back, having had the strange experience (for me) of trying to update it and finding it was full up - not something I'd expected when I first bought it.

And then in the car on the way into I was listening to one of them and it got to Cardiff Bay and I thought, how long is it since I was last in Wales? I suspect the Doctor Who Children in Need concert, and that was back in, what, November 2006? A very long time ago, in other words.

High time I went back, ideally with Sarah. (Heck, I know we've got Egypt planned for the honeymoon, but we've not done anything definite about it yet, and Wales would probably be cheaper...)
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