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Lord David of Mitchell...

...is having a bit of a time of it next week. For one thing, there's the continuation of the latest series of Would I Lie To You, which I must confess I've not been following and only caught my eye 'cos I noticed that Dave Gorman's in it; then he's guesting on Mock the Week next Thursday, and to cap it all, Peep Show is back, so *yay* there. The Radio Times has given it rather a glowing write-up, which is good, although they lose points for saying, "Now entering its sixth series, which makes it [Channel 4]'s longest-running comedy," because *ahem* Drop the Dead Donkey *ahem*, which also made it to six series but had far more episodes per series than Peep Show, so AFAICT is likely to hold the crown for some time yet.

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