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David Brider

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Wedding stuff

So, how on earth did it manage to get to be four days to go? *erk*

Last night we discovered that I/we* had managed to lose/mislay** my certificate for marriage, meaning I had to go to the registry office this morning to pick up a replacement. Of course, the original is bound to show up***, but even so, given that I can't get married without it, that was a bit of a worry. :o/

And the weather? Really really could do with improving. I mean, yes, technically - in the words of Lionel Morton - "it really doesn't matter if it's raining or it's fine,"**** but ideally it'd be nice to get married on a reasonably bright and sunny day.


* Never accept full responsibility.
** I never lose things.
*** See above.
**** Classic '70s kids' TV theme tunes ahoy!
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