David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider


On Friday, I picked up Sarah's post from Stortford. One rather interesting package turned out to be Joint Life Membership to Heritage in Wales. Which is great - we love going to Wales (although we don't do it anywhere near enough) but Sarah hadn't applied for this herself so it's obviously some sort of present. Trouble is, there's no indication of who it's from. The timing suggests that it's some sort of wedding present, but given that it's in Sarah's maiden name, it's presumably from someone who doesn't know my surname.

And then we looked at the paperwork and found that this present had cost whoever-it-was £709:00!!!

To say we're overwhelmed would be putting it mildly. I hope we find out who our so-far-anonymous benefactor is, so we can express our gratitude.

The current thinking is that it might be from a couple of Sarah's work colleagues who didn't make it to the wedding. But whoever it was...WOW.

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