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Tuesday 22nd September 2009

So, this morning we headed back out to Bournemouth, and this time round we were able to sort out opening a joint account fairly straightforwardly, with the help of a lady who was very pleasant and chatted with us about our life as a newly-married couple and stuff in general.

After lunch in Subway, we headed back to Swanage (after a toilet stop at Branksome). I drove and chose the music for the first part of the journey, and Sarah took over the music for the second part. She retains an unhealthily narrowminded attitude (IMO) towards...well, pretty much any of the music I like listening to, which is often a cause of contention.

Back "home" (whenever I stay away from my real home, the hotel, etc., I'm staying at becomes "home"), I had a nap while Sarah popped out to take the cameras from the reception into the local branch of Boots for the film to be developed. Except that Boots wouldn't have them ready until Saturday. WTF? I remember when Boots would do a one-hour service. Anyway, so she took them into the local Post Office instead, and they'll be ready by Saturday. Then we went to a local shoe shop so that Sarah could get me a decent pair of walking boots (my slip-on smart shoes not, according to her, being up to the cliff-top walk she's got planned for us on Friday), and I popped into the local second-hand bookshop whilst Sarah picked up some brochures from the local travel agents, with a view to getting some ideas for the honeymoon. We also bought some beach towels.

Can't remember what we did for the rest of the day. Well, by this point it was pretty late (like, 6:00pm) so there wasn't much of the rest of the day left. Although IIRC Sarah cooked up some of the sea bass we'd bought from Asda yesterday, along with some of the boil in the bag rice. Conclusion: there's more per bag than one serving. In fact, according to the packet, there's two servings, but Sarah reckons there's way more than that!

Oh, and also we did a bit of digging around and found that the Joint Life Membership we'd been bought for Welsh Heritage/CADW cost a whopping £709:00!!! We're rather gobsmacked by that, frankly...
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