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Monday 21st September 2009

Today was quite a good, if kind of unexpected day. For starters, we drove out to Bournemouth, the idea being we'd visit branch of a Lloyds and Sarah would get the name on her personal account changed now that she's a Brider. This went off without a hitch. The second goal was that we'd open up a joint account. We were going to go with either Lloyds or Abbey, depending on which was the first one we came to. As it is, Lloyds was the first one we came to, but we couldn't open the account today as they didn't have enough staff available. Fair 'nuff.

Also, they thought my passport would be sufficient ID to open the joint account, but they said that something with my name and address on it could be useful too. With that in mind, we sought out the local branch of Abbey, with a view to asking if they could print out some kind of statement for me so that I'd have proof of address as well as ID, but they said they couldn't. Just have to hope the passport is enough.

By this time, we'd spoken to Sarah's friend cath and arranged to meet up with her that evening, so we were committed to staying in Bournemouth all day. This, though, was no bad thing. After popping into the local branch of Lush, where we picked up various therapeutic bath bombs and things to help Sarah (and also me) to relax), we lunched at Subway, and Sarah picked up an in-car charger for her BlackBerry, which is down to virtually no charge and she's left all her chargers at home/work. Where they're no use to anyone.

Also, I paid a long overdue visit to Keith Jones Christian Bookshop, and marvelled once again at the sheer amount of books and other miscellany they manage to cram under one roof. Sadly, our finances were not exactly wonderful at this point, but nevertheless I picked up the latest issue of Christianity magazine, as well as a fridge magnet which contained a verse we'd had read out at the wedding.

Also, we popped into Borders, where I spotted the latest volume of the Michael Palin diaries, which I decided would make a good Christmas present for dad (he's already got the first volume), and noticed that the re-issues of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy were out, with the nice introductions by various folks including Russell T Davies. Also - rather bizarrely, IMO - there's a special edition of the first book aimed specifically at children. Which seems odd. Does there need to be a special edition? Can they not just read the original edition? *scratchhead*

Then, with no particular sense of urgency, we tootled down to the beach, past the BIC where it was chucking out time for the LibDem conference (actually, when I'd realised that it was conference time this week I'd wondered if maybe going to Bournemouth was such a bright idea, but in the event there were no problems; indeed, the car park we parked up in was virtually empty). Oh, and Sarah's back was playing her up, so I had to pop to the car to pick up her walking stick. By the time I'd climbed up the hill and then up the steps I needed to cross to get there, I realised how unfit I was.

Anyway, we pootled along the beach, removing our shoes and socks and paddling in the sea, making the most of what was, quite frankly, a glorious day. It brought back happy memories of doing the same at Santa Monica, although Bournemouth as a whole reminds me more of Long Beach, but to be honest, I prefer Bournemouth.

We then caught a little train back down the prom to the pier, and as we still had a fair bit of time to kill, wandered up the pier and back, taking in some information boards along the length of the pier which gave us some history of the town and its various piers. Which was a fun way of killing the time.

By now, it was time for our rendezvous with Cath; we met her from her place of work, and then went to a local bar where we had a drink, before driving out to the local Nando's. We were there for close on a couple of hours chatting about fandom, life, and generally good things. After that, it was over to the local Asda, to pick up supplies for the week. Unfortunately, financially we're in pretty dire straits - both Sarah and I have pretty much zero in our accounts, so we're having to resort to spending some of the wedding present money on our week away. Which is less than ideal.

We dropped Cath back in Bournemouth, and then I drove us back to Swanage, a fairly good ride. I'd hope to make it back home in time for UniChall, but we were too late for that. However, I applied some Volcano (a foot scrub we'd got from Lush) to my sore and aching tootsies, before we headed for bed.
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