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Sunday 20th September 2009

I. Slept. Like. A. Log.

Seriously, even my ongoing toothache couldn't stir me from sleep until about 6:00am, which considering how many restless or sleepless nights I've been having lately is...quite an achievement. But totally understandable.

Anyhew, Sarah and I showered and headed for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, where we met up with mum and Malcolm, Misha and Zoe, Casha, Doug, Trevor, Eleni, Jakob, and Rita and Claire and Nick and I'm sure some others of the wedding party. Apparently Alun had been punched in the face by someone from t'other wedding party. :o(

Jakob managed to have an accident involving dropping his shoe into the millpond. We had to console him.

Anyhew. We got our stuff packed up, said our goodbyes, often multiple times, including to Becky and Antonia and Richard, who hadn't been at breakfast, and then with Rita we set off to Chorleywood, where we left some stuff, and transferred other stuff into Sarah's car, and then made our way down to Swanage.

I don't remember the exact detail of the drive. I drove the first part, though, and it wasn't bad, and then Sarah took over after we'd stopped at some services for a bite to eat - basically, I handled the motorway driving while she handled most of the non-motorway stuff.

We made it down to Swanage in pretty good time - I think by about 5:00pm - and unpacked, then headed down to The Fisherman's Catch to get some dinner (fish and chips; I know, we shouldn't, but, well...). Back at the hotel (well, a self-catering apartment) we ate, and then did some totting up of the money we'd been given for wedding presents. Came to £1800:00 in cheques, and another £300:00 in cash, more or less.

Also, an envelope which had arrived for Sarah in Stortford and which I brought with me, contained a welcome pack to life membership of Heritage in Wales/CADW. It's obviously a present, as Sarah didn't apply for it herself, and the timing (and the fact that it's joint membership) suggests that it's a wedding present, but it's in her maiden name (which is going to involve changing the name). We're just curious as to who is responsible for it. Whatever, it's a very generous present, and one we're definitely going to get a lot out of!

Then bed. Unfortunately, the bed was rather small and Sarah was rather uncomfortable and we ended up in separate beds tonight and indeed for the rest of the week.
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