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Thursday 24th September 2009

Today got off to a later start than we'd initially intended, but was a day I'd really been looking forward to, as we caught the steam train out to Corfe Castle, where - unlike our last trip on the railway there - we got out of the train and went into the castle.

And, quite frankly, didn't regret it for one moment. Well, I didn't, anyway. I don't think Sarah did either. It was lovely. We joined a guided tour of the castle, which was both entertaining and informative, and despite the fact that Sarah didn't think I was up to it, I managed the quite extensive climb involved.

Once we'd finished the guided tour (and I'm sure a lot of the information we were told didn't sink in, but damn those Parliamentarians for blowing up such a beautiful castle) we went down into the village, where we had a pleasant lunch at one of the local pubs (we tried in vain to find one which the lady at Lloyds who we met on Tuesday had mentioned, which apparently serves a pint of prawns; however, we were happy with what we got), I found a wonderful little shop dedicated to the works of Enid Blyton (I didn't realise that she apparently had ties to the area, with some of her books being based on Corfe Castle, and I recently read something about the original Famous Five TV series being filmed there). They had a copy of the Faraway Tree books. I think I may have melted from squee. Although that was offset somewhat by not having enough money to actually afford it. Also, we saw that there's a Model Village there, which I was kind of annoyed that we'd not had time (or money) enough to pay a visit. Oh well.

Anyway, caught the 2:32pm train back, and took some photos of it when we reached Swanage (I was also being snap happy through the tour of the castle), but they didn't really show that it was a steam train, to my disappointment, so any thoughts I had of impressing Jakob with them dissipated.

After that...I must admit, mind's a blank. I think I may have had the usual afternoon snooze, and Sarah may well have gone out. But the only other thing I vividly remember about today is staying up until 9:00pm to watch Mock the Week, only to discover that it wasn't in fact on until 10:00pm, and I figured I really couldn't bothered waiting up that late, so after a snuggle with Sarah I went to bed.
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