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I wasn't expecting *that*...

Noticed last week that, alongside the 30th anniversary re-release of the first five Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, there's a re-release of the first one "for children". Found a copy of said re-release, which has an intro by Eoin Colfer. Which raises two questions for me - firstly, is there anything about the novel which really justifies a special edition "for children"? I mean, unless I'm mistaken there's nothing about the language that makes it particularly unsuitable for children (until you get to the most gratuitous use of the word f*** in a serious film screenplay in LTUAE), and thematically/conceptually some of it may be a bit heavygoing for younger children (possibly; possibly I'm just being an incredibly patronising 39-year old), but then a.) short of editing it to the point of inanity there's nothing to be done about that, and b.) I started reading the novels shortly after the TV series went out, so I'd've been 11 at the time (the first one, at least, had definitely been published by this point; can't remember if the second one had been published by then or not), so I'm not sure it's really necessary.

Secondly, though, is there anything substantially different about the text of the "for children" edition, apart from the intro? The edition I saw had a copyright date of 1979, so I'm guessing not, but I'd be intrigued to know for definite...

Hoping, now I've got paid, that I'll be able to get tickets for HitchCon, definitely for me, possibly for Sarah too. I notice there's a signing session for the first five books. On which note, question three - anyone know who's going to be doing said signing? Pretty obviously not Douglas himself (well, you never know, but I'm pretty sure that's a foregone), but if there's any chance of Russell T Davies, Neil Gaiman, and t'other folks who've written the new intros being there, then I might just have to make a point of buying nice swanky new editions just so I can get siggerns.

Anyhew. Yeah.

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