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I really badly want to do some writing.

Both now and more sort of long term.

I kind of figure that now I've got the move and the wedding out of the way, I'd like to flex my creative muscles a bit - they've not really been doing much lately.

Thing is, all I've got real ideas for are about half a dozen novels and my big slashy epic crossover of doom. And I'm not really ready to embark on anything quite that involved yet. I'm thinking more drabble-esque/vignette pieces, say maximum a thousand words or so.

But my muse seems to be in hibernation.

So, anyone feel like chucking a plotbunny or two my way to see if they bite? Just name one of my fandoms and give me a prompt - a word, a sentence, an idea. If it grabs my imagination, I might be able to do something with it.


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