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Y'know what?

Speaking as a rather enthusiastic Doctor Who fanboy (and fangirl, indeed, on the basis that neither term is necessarily gender-specific), one of the things I adore about the fandom is that, several months before Matt Smith's episodes air, there are already quite a ton of wonderful userpics of Matt and Karen Gillan in action taken from the various publicity pics and the various unofficial pics of them recording the new series. It's really rather fab and glorious. And I may have to purchase extra userpic space just so I can use a few of them, oh yes.

Mind you, we've still got the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures to look forward to, and then the final three David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who, not to mention the new animated adventure (can't remember if it's going to be on TV or if it's a webcast, but hey, David Tennant and Georgia Moffatt and David Warner IIRC, so it should be a blast), and...oh yes, still got to get round to finishing watching the DVDs of The Keys of Marinus and The Twin Dilemma, and then get The Dalek Wars set (I don't think I've ever properly seen Frontier in Space, but frankly I'm putting on the re-coloured episode 3 of Planet of the Daleks first, natch...), and who knows what old episodes are coming out next year? I'm thinking of suggesting to Sarah that we do an episode-a-night re-watch of the series - I sort of started one about six years ago and fizzled out somewhere around The Enemy of the World having taken about three years just to get that far, but having discovered some wonderful gems along the way (The Ark and The Power of the Daleks are just lovely, IMO). But then, just watching the DVDs as they come out is a great education - Planet of Fire is apparently one of next year's releases, and I've not seen that since it was first on.

I just love Doctor Who, frankly.
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