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Friday 18th September 2009


That's sort of a clearing my mind thing as I'm writing this entry up about three weeks after the fact.

Woke up in Chelmsford. Ended the day in Highgate.

There's more detail than that, though.

Got everything packed. Well, not quite everything - I forgot my lunchbox, left that in the fridge at Tim's. Whoops. He ate the contents and I picked it up later (over a week later, to be precise).

But anyway, had a fairly productive couple of hours, getting everything packed. This despite having been up most of the night with toothache (which continues to plague me as I write this entry. There is a theory that maybe I ought to see a dentist, but you know what I'd say to that...)

Anyway, mum arrived to take me to Stortford, where I unloaded everything from the car, and then got things packed ready to take to Highgate and onwards from there to Swanage. Not that there was much to do, although I dug up my swimming trunks (which weren't exactly hidden, so I don't know why Sarah couldn't find them). Imported the 7" of I knew you were waiting (for me) (a side and, most importantly, the instrumental on the b side) into the computer, bunged them both through the de-click and noise-reducer software. Also burned and extra CD of stuff potentially for the wedding. Tried to download last night's Supernatural (the first of the new series) but the download speed was achingly slow and I'd have had to wait several hours to get it done. Decided that, frankly, that wasn't worth it.

Instead set off for Bill's. Dad's. Whatever. Mainline from Stortford into Liverpool Street, and then the bus from there up to Highgate. Arrived in time for a pleasant lunch, which included, but wasn't limited to, some mackerel. Joan had remembered that I like mackerel. Which was good of her.

After lunch, we headed out to Muswell Hill to pick up the suits from the local branch of Moss Bros. This was interesting, because although they were expecting us, and had indeed received my measurements from the Chelmsford branch, the shirt was the wrong size. As were the trousers. Oh yes, it was all good fun.

Eventually we got clothes that were the right size, and then headed back to Highgate for all of about half an hour before then going to Chorleywood for the wedding rehearsal. It was lovely to see Sarah for the first time in several days. Can't really think of much to say about it apart from that. It went well, but I was getting increasingly nervous about the whole thing. Do you blame me?

After that, dad drove us back to Highgate, via Kentish Town where we stopped for a Nando's. 'Cos you can't beat a Nando's.
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