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Saturday 26th September 2009

So, we left Swanage today.

The really weird thing is that, despite the fact that this time we've been here...ooh, over twice as long as we were last time, it feels far less. Far less than last time, that is. Dunno why. Although I guess it would be fair to say that a.) we spent a fair bit of time outside Swanage itself, and b.) my experience of the place has been rather different (no time spent in Rainbow's End, for a start...).

Anyway, it's been pleasant, and I like the fact that Sarah and I are talking about going back sooner or later - including, but not limited to, coming back with any children we may have. That'll be nice.

Anyway, this morning was spent (by me, at least, concluding last night's tidying up and cleaning in the kitchen, and then getting my stuff packed and ready to go. We left in good time (we had to be out of the place by 10:00am, and I think we'd gone by 9:30am), then drove up to the lettings agency where I dropped off the key to the flat, and then we hit the road. We were heading up to Wiltshire, to meet with Casha and Alun, so we took a different route out of the town to the way we'd come in - crucially, that meant not going on the chain link ferry, an experience which I rather missed!!!

When we reached Casha's place (which was made particularly interesting by the already narrow entrance to the road being blocked by two lines of traffic - I'm glad I wasn't driving...), we had a good long chat and natter about life, fandom and stuff, before heading out to a local Harvester for lunch. Alun is bearing up well after being punched in the face last weekend. I'm hoping we get to see them both again fairly soon, as they're really nice folks.

On leaving the Harvester, we headed back home. I drove the first part of the way, until we needed to stop at some services, at which point Sarah took over, citing as reason the fact that I can be a bit jerky on the wheel. Fair nuff.

We made it back to Stortford in good time, but didn't really do much with the time. Sarah took some of our clothes to the laundrette, whilst I started downloading some of the programmes I'd missed out on in my absence, but more than that and a bit of vague unpacking, it was basically just vegging out and heading for bed.

Rather a lot of post had arrived over our week away, including a letter from Abbey National (or whatever they're called now) declining my loan application. To be honest, although it means we're going to have to pay mum and Malcolm back out of Sarah's bonus, I think that's probably not a bad thing, as it means I'm not tied into the repayment over possibly a lengthy period.

It's good to be a married couple back home. :o) Indeed, our first time as a married couple at this particular home.
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