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Thursday 17th September 2009

Don't remember much detail about today. Went to work, obviously. During the course of the day, I spoke to Sarah who said there's been a problem - the Watermill are needing to be paid for the reception by tomorrow, and we, quite simply, don't have the money - even if my loan comes through, it won't do so until sometime next week at the earliest, which will be too late, and the Watermill are inflexible. I resorted to a less than desirable option, asking mum and Malcolm if they'd be prepared to help out, strictly on the basis that we'd pay them back asap. Fortunately, they were able to do so.

This evening, Tim and I went quizzing, but I don't remember what the rounds were or anything. What I do remember is that, realising that I ought to do something about it, I started work on my wedding speech. Also, in the course of the conversation with Tim, I mentioned my sheer incredulity that professional actors could have problems with a line as simple as "the great hyperlobic omni-cognate neutron wrangler could talk all four legs off an Arcturan mega-Donkey, but only I could persuade it go for a walk again afterwards", whilst I can manage it no problem. Tim suggested that's because they had a microphone in front of them, which might make it more difficult. Feeling that I like a challenge, I decided that I'd throw the line into the wedding speech, in the context of Sarah and I travelling to Stockton and exchanging lines from H2G2. Seemed reasonable.

I'm pretty sure we'd have got home and watched Mock the Week.

I think for dinner I had that wonderful concoction of mashed potato, mackerel, peas, and oodles of salad cream. Which I like but strangely Sarah doesn't think I should have. :o(
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