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Those of you...

...who read Sarah's LJ will already know about this, but anyway, to cut a short story long...

The place that we're living in at the moment, in Bishop's Stortford, was only ever going to be temporary - we're renting it until such time as Sarah can sell her old place in Barking (which is in turn being rented out), at which point, the plan has always been that we'll look for somewhere else to buy.

Well, the place in Barking is now being sold, and so (in order to make the most of the market) we've been looking for somewhere else.

On Saturday Sarah visited a place in Hemel Hempsted which is, in her words, "massive". It's advertised as four bedrooms (the fourth doubles up as a dining room, apparently, and in fact seems to be technically a garage), and Sarah reckons the lounge would swallow up the place we're currently living in. A bit of an exaggeration, methinks, but actually, from the measurements it does look rather large. I'll be going there on Saturday myself to take a look round, but anyway, in the meantime we've put in an offer that's been accepted, so - here we go again.

Although hopefully we'll be there for a bit longer than we've been at this place. I'd rather like to get a sense of stability...

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