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Meme: Post a link to your entries on this day two years ago, last year, night months ago, six months ago, three months ago and one month ago. If there was no entry on that day, link the closest date.

Okay. Two years ago - nearest entry posted on October 24th, 10:51am - I was at work, suffering back pain and depression, but generally counting my blessings; and later in the day, musing about the possibility of taking Sarah to see Ratatouille (which I never did, but *meh*).

One year ago...on October 25th I posted The Controversial Survey, which, well, wasn't, not particularly. And on October 21st I posted a clutch of entries, in the latest of which I posted a link to The guy's guide to Geek Girls v2.0 and mentioned that, quite frankly, Sarah is my geek girl. (An opinion I still hold. Understandably.) I leave it to anyone interested to decide which post is closest to exactly a year ago.

Nine months ago I'd been catching up with the latest series of Supernatural and loving it to bits, and had also started watching The Prestige. And been a bit scared about the prospect of a driving theory test.

Six months ago I posted a Youtube video containing some sort of parody of an extreme right wing anti-gay ad that had been doing the rounds.

Three months ago I'd discovered a JMS novel in the secondhand book pile at work, and promptly bought it, for 50p. Still haven't read it yet, but then I've got books in my "still-to-be-read" pile that I've had for about three or four years. I used to read a lot...

And one month ago, Sarah and I were in Swanage, taking a boat trip along the Jurassic Coast on the one not-bright-and-sunny-day of our minimoon, then going for a wander round Durlston and rounding the day off with a lovely meal at the Fisherman's Catch.

Now, I really ought to get back to work...

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