David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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One of the things I love...

...about Livejournal is that there is, or at least darn well appears to be, a Community for just about every interest imaginable. Even ones you think might be a tad obscure but turn out to have over 800 members.

On which note - having shared this with blazingskies over the weekend, and needing to share it more widely - a little while back, after I'd briefly thought it would be an interesting ship to explore, I joined a community dedicated to the pairing of Heroes' Peter Petrelli and Sylar.

It was only this weekend when the full implications of that pairing, vis-a-vis Sylar's first name, occurred to me. As someone posted looking for "Peter/Gabriel recs" and my mind went in places it probably ought not to have done...
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