David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Writer's Block: Change is good

If you could change one major thing about your life, whether a relationship, your job, your living situation, your school, etc., what would it be? Are you currently working toward a serious life transition?

Honestly? Nothing substantial. Right now, life is pretty darned good. It'd be nice to be on a slightly higher wage, and with the impending move to Hemel Hempstead I might need to think about either changing to a different office (Milton Keynes, most likely) or possibly a different job (but I hope not, as I quite like the one I'm in), but apart from that, I'm happy.

Long term, I'm still considering a change of career - I'd like to be either a.) an author, b.) a computer programmer, or c.) a minister, probably in the Methodist church. a.) requires a lot of hard work (including actually sitting down and writing, not forgetting being able to finish the things I start), while b.) and c.) both require quite a bit of training. But that - if it happens - would be long term.
Tags: change, long-term goals, writer's block
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