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Lyrics quiz

Found this whilst clearing out my old emails, and thought I'd share it here before I delete the email. According to the email, they're '80s number ones, although I'm not sure about 8. But *meh*

One point for the song title, one point for the artist (at least a couple are cover versions, but vis-a-vis the preceding paragraph - I'm looking for the artist who got to number one with it in the '80s). Answers are screened. There may well be some sort of prize for the person who gets most right. And no sneaky knocking Mr. Dent's house down while he's away looking up the answers on Google.

1.) I've got to get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me
2.) Every girl wants you to be her man
3.) That she always is a friend to you, and she's a friend to me
4.) I better read between the lines, in case I need it when I'm older
5.) Just trust in the good times, no matter how long it takes
6.) Counting all the ripples on the sea
7.) Tonight I wanna dance with someone else
8.) I was alright for a while
9.) But what it is, is something true
10.) Hold me, close to your heart
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