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Just got back from the Merlin at the Barbican event, and...*whee*!!! A lovely afternoon, with Katie McGrath (doing some great swordfighting on stage), Bradley James (ditto, and coming across as really confident and relaxed), Colin Morgan (who'd just flown in from Scotland), Julian Murphy (who confirmed that a third series in pre-production - *YAY*), someone from the make-up team, the stunt arranger and a stuntwoman (who were also involved with the swordfighting), one of the composers, one of the directors, and Will Cohen and another guy from The Mill, all being interviewed by...I forget the guy's name, but he does CBBC presenting and ISTR he was doing the in-vision presentation back in the mid-90s when they did their huge repeat run of Grange Hill starting from the beginning...*eep* anyone help? Anyway, a great afternoon, and although it didn't go into *huge* depth about behind-the-scenes stuff, I learned some odds and ends (chief among which being that, contrary to my assumption that he probably dubs his lines afterwards in a recording booth in Soho, John Hurt's work is actually motion captured before the live action plates, and his facial movements go into the CGI work on the dragon). There were also some really fascinating shots of the build up of a scene (Morgana being attacked by giant scorpions, obviously from an episode I missed...), from the raw footage of Katie in a wood near Cardiff, throough various stages to the final dubbed material with full CGI scorpions.

And then to top it off, Katie and Bradley and Colin were signing stuff afterwards, and I may have squeed a bit too much about Bradley's face-off with Tony Head in last week's ep, but seriously I think he was wonderful in that one and I don't care who knows it. So anyway, I now have Katie's and Colin's siggerns in my Merlin - The Complete Guide book along with Bradley's and Angel's.

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