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I realise this isn't entirely unprecedented, but...

...before it goes on mid-season hiatus, FlashForward is being pre-empted this week because it's Thanksgiving weekend.

Well, it's being pre-empted in the US.

In the UK, however, episode 10 (which goes by the gloriously memorable title of A561984 - sounds like an OU module...), is being broadcast as usual on Monday 30th November, i.e. three days ahead of US transmission.

Which is neat.

It's also being accompanied by a little mini-doc, FlashForward: Revealed - "a fascinating look back at the series so far, including interviews with the show's actors and writers, as well as celebrity talking heads." Sayd the Radio Times.

Meanwhile I can't work out whether Paradox is going to be a.) deeply fascinating or b.) Bonekickers II, but I suspect I'm going to watch the first episode anyway.
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