David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Writer's Block: Name that tune

Is there any song you'll never grow tired of hearing? If so, what is it, how long have you loved it, and why?

Oh, loads. Anything on Queen's Greatest Hits II, for a start, which I seem to listen to very often in the car to and from work. Large chunks of Pet Shop Boys output (well, I am a fan; speaking of which - three weeks to go until the O2...), especially Always on my mind, which always gives me a certain...primal thrill (and I end up playing air keyboards to it...so much less messy than air guitar...). And of course, at this time of year, one gets reminded about Fairytale of New York. The original, unexpurgated, Kirsty MacColl and the Pogues version. Accept no substitutes, and we'll just forget to mention that the former prevented the latter from being the Christmas number one it so deserved to be...
Tags: music: fairytale of new york, music: pet shop boys, music: queen, writer's block
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