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D'y'know what?

If you'd've told me, say, 15 years ago, that by December 2009:

  • I'd be happily married
  • I'd be on the verge of buying my first house. Well, co-buying.
  • I'd have a wonderful nephew and a wonderful niece.
  • I'd be able to drive.
  • I'd have a good job.
  • I'd have digitised large chunks of my music collection and be able to fit most of it onto a little box about the size of a deck of cards...
  • ...and could listen to it whilst doing 70mph down the A120 to and from work...
  • Doctor Who would be back on TV and, in fact, would be one of the most popular drama series on British telly.

...I'd've just laughed.

Funny how life works, isn't it?
Tags: life, television: doctor who
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