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Writer's Block: Destination anywhere

If you were asked to recommend one destination in your country to LiveJournal friends who had never been to your country before, what place would you choose, and why?

Depends what they're looking for. London, let's face it, has a lot to recommend it, not least the fact that it's most likely where they're going to arrive if they're flying in, and there's good shopping and nightlife and entertainments and tourist-y stuff to be done.

Other places I'd recommend as good places to visit...Swansea, Cardiff, St. David's, Canterbury, Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield (yes, really)...had a really lovely time down in Tintagel last November, and that is also somewhere I'd happily recommend to other folks.

But frankly, if any LJ friend of mine was visiting the UK for the first time, I'd suggest they really ought to visit me and Sarah in Bishop's Stortford!
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