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30 days of me meme - day 6

Delayed again.

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A few weeks back, I went into London to do a spot of shopping (including, but not limited to, getting some presents). For some strange reason, I found myself in Forbidden Planet, and saw a copy of Wanting to believe, an unofficial guide to The X-Files - as well as Millennium & The Lone Gunmen - by one robshearman of this parish. Well, I've long been an admirer of Mr Shearman, and have liked The X-Files since I first saw it, so I thought, yes, I'll have that!

Got to admit...it was slightly disappointing. Not bad as such - it's written with Mr Shearman's usual intelligence and wit - but I'd have preferred a bit more than a simple writer/director credit, US airdate, and plot synopsis and critique for each episode - something more akin to the episode guide format as pioneered by the Cornell/Topping/Day team who wrote X-Treme Possibilities, which only went up to (IIRC) season 5 of The X-Files, and the first feature film, but contained a wealth of trivia for each episode.

But that minor niggle aside, what it did was made me decide to see if any of the many digisatcable channels I can watch now that I'm with Sarah (who has Sky+) happened to be showing The X-Files, since although I've got most of the first seven seasons on tape (I gave up recording them around the eighth season, largely because I'd stopped paying attention a while before then), they're in boxes in the lock-up. Lo! and behold, Virgin 1 is showing them, and at the time I decided to look in, they were about 2/3 of the way through season 5. So, I set the Sky+ (yes, "Record Series" sounds nice...), and...wow.

I'd forgotten how good this show could be. Started with the episode Mind's Eye; considering my recollection was that by season 5 the programme had long ago disappeared up its own conspiracy arc, that was a quite enjoyable little piece that seemed like it wouldn't have been out of place in season 1. It's been great fun being re-acquainted with Mulder and Scully, not to mention Skinner, the Lone Gunmen, Cigarette Smoking Man, and of course Ratboy Krycek *yay* (ahem). It's been quite a fun bunch of episodes so far, some of which I remember from first time round (I'm sure I'd seen Triangle before, and I have vivid recollections of the Mulder-dancing-in-front-of-mirror sequence from Dreamland, possibly because it's so very Quantum Leap), but on the other hand many of them were new to me (I think Folie a Deux has been my favourite so far, with How the Ghosts Stole Christmas a close second). But anyway, it's been an enjoyable trek down memory (or lack thereof) lane, and I'm looking forward to it continuing.

In addition to that, Zone Horror is showing (and I'm Sky+ing) Millennium (which I'd never seen before, although I do remember seeing the X-Files episode in which they crossed over), and I've still got The Lone Gunmen on DVD and hoping to get round to finishing watching that at some point (I watched Three Men and a Smoking Diaper recently - Mr Shearman is rather critical of it, but I thought it was quite good).

So yeah. That's what's been tickling my fancy lately.

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