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Yet another reason for me to totally adore David Tennant.

Just caught the tail end of his Desert Island Discs (which I'll be listening to properly later) and...OMG, he described the line "How can you you lie back and think of England/when you don't even know who's in the team?" (from Billy Bragg's Welcome to the new Brunette) as possibly the greatest lyric ever. Monsieur Tennant, I'm so with you there!

Oh, and flickums just posted this link - 5 Star Wars Facebook status updates, which rather made me giggle a lot.

On the negative side, Sarah is unwell in bed, and has been for most of the last couple of days. Prayers and V-hugs for her would be most appreciated. At least this year I'm able to keep her company, and look after her (just off out to Tesco to pick up some food for her) but even so...this is the second Christmas running that she's been unwell. :o(
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