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Happy Who Year!!!

Today's been a really wonderful day. Drove down to North Ealing to pick up multiclassgeek and zoeiona who then kept huntingospray & I company for a New Year's Day meal (the turkey which we'd bought for Christmas but ended up not using because Sarah was so unwell), and then watched Doctor Who (and Confidential), which was fun and thoroughly geeky and I joined in over at doctorwho's live squee thread and although the end of The End of Time was a bit drawn out in a Lord of the Rings style it still worked for me, and I'll miss David Tennant as the Doctor but I'm really excited for Matt Smith. Oh, and the bit where the TARDIS was destroyed at the end? It was so The Liberator out of Blake's 7 Terminal...

And the Doctor Who 2010 trailer is online. I'll be watching that a few more times before I go to bed... :o)

Good start to the year.

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