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Two weeks late? Fifty weeks early? You decide...

As the latest batch of snowy weather is making me feel all Christmassy (I feel a Box of Delights rewatch coming on...), I thought it was high time I got round to posting pics of our attempts at Christmas decorations.

These consisted of draping a couple of bits of tinsel over The Horde.

You haven't met The Horde?

Sarah's Transformers collection. And a Slash Duck of Doom from Connotations.

Ten, a TARDIS moneybox (no money though; darnit), a couple of K9s, and a cheap Bumblebee from Tesco. And a Tatty Teddy poking round the back.

KITT, a Tribble, and another Transformer.


Now, it's probably time we took the decorations down...


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