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TV heads up

Sunday 10th January, BBC3, 9:30pm (GMT) - new series of Being Human

Sunday 10th January, NBC, 9/8c (whatever that means) - new series of Chuck. Two-hour season premier, followed by episode 3 the next day on a regular Monday night 8/7c (whatever that means) slot. W00t!!!

Both of which fill me with a certain amount of YAY!ness, and will definitely keep me happily occupied until the new series of Doctor Who, and I can't work out which userpic to use... But I think I'm more squeeful about Chuck (although it's a close call).


(Also, on Saturday, BBC2 starts showing season 4 of Heroes, with absolutely minimal fanfare or publicity that I've noticed...I have an unpleasant suspicion that this series isn't long for this earth, sadly...)

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