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Sings (badly): "We're moving, so moving..."

"...so we are a boy, we are a gir-ir-irl..."

It looks as if we're back on.

Sarah has found a buyer for her old place in Barking.

He wants to be moved in within 4 - 5 weeks.

Touch wood, we should be firmly settled in Hemel Hempstead by the end of February*.

Once we're there, we'll think about some sort of housewarming. Which will involve, roughly speaking, the Geek Squad from the wedding (you know who you were...), anyone else from the Flists who we want to invite (=most of you, we'll have the room...), and possibly a Lord of the Rings-a-thon (extended editions, natch). Just for the sheer heck of it...


*"Settled" as in "living out of boxes," but you get the drift...

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