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Monday 11th January 2010

Well, I've decided that I'm going to make more of a concerted effort to keep my diary (I would say "to keep it up-to-date", but it isn't anyway; hopefully if I can manage a couple of entries a day for the next year or so, I can be if not up-to-date, at least mostly so...).

The irony being that today isn't exactly standing out as being particularly noteworthy. Went to work. I'm gradually ploughing through getting a load of updates and chasers sent, that didn't go out when they ought to have done because of the Christmas break. That's...well, it's keeping me occupied.

Last night there were two new episodes of Chuck, which I downloaded this morning and started watching this evening (after seeing University Challenge and Only Connect). I only got about half an hour into the first episode, and as of writing this entry have yet to catch up any further, largely because at the moment watching them involves sitting at the computer to watch, which I don't like doing, if I'm honest.

That aside, though, nothing I can remember about today.

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