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Sunday 10th January 2010

Don't recall much of what happened today, although I'm pretty sure it was mainly focussed on getting stuff from Sky+ into the Mac and then burned to disc (specifically, The X-Files series 6). Also, Sarah is starting up her Open University course and wants to use the spare room as her study, so I helped by clearing some of my stuff out of there to give her room to study.

I also went out to fuel up the car, and to pick up the clothes from the laundrette. That, I suspect, has left me pretty much broke for the rest of the month. Well, not literally broke, but certainly having to watch my spending.

This evening, of course, was the start of the new series of Being Human, which was pretty darned good, in my opinion. It seems to have taken on a slightly darker tone than the first series, although the interplay between George, Annie and Mitchell is still great (and the acting is high class too; as well as the regulars, they've got Donald Sumpter in this series. Yay!).

Imported that into iMovie whilst I watched it (although because of some work I was doing, I didn't actually start watching it until about 15 minutes after it started; the wonders of Sky+...), and then left it exporting when I went to bed.

One night I'm going to have to turn the computer off instead of leaving it doing stuff...
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