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Tuesday 12th January 2010

Today was actually kind of vaguely good. Set off with good intentions - like sticking to my plans for the day (started off with doing a Lucas on Life Every Day...I mean, okay, I'm a couple of years behind on that, but even so, doing it at all is a start...), including vaguely sticking to my diet, and mostly kept to them. Slightly wandered off course from the diet towards the end of the day, to my annoyance, but even so. Set me in good stead when talking to Janine this evening for our telephone conference.

Went to Tesco after work. Picked up some stuff for the diet, including apples and nuts, and also the latest Radio Times. Mind you, I can't remember what I had for dinner. Given that I'd had some crisps at work (some, but nowhere near as many as I have been having lately...), I probably shouldn't really have had any dinner at all...
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