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Saturday 9th January 2010

I went out this morning, braving the elements. Well, no, to be honest, it seemed a lot milder than it has been lately, certainly on the main street in Bishop's Stortford (curiously colder when I got back to Rye Street - not sure why, maybe there's some wind chill factor at work..?). Anyhew, did some browsing, and also some actual proper shopping, although the only things I specifically remember buying were a couple of calendars - one of cute cats for me to go up at work, and a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen one for Sarah - the cat one was full price from Smith's, but the TF:RotF one was half price from Clinton's. They also had a Doctor Who one, which I thought about getting, but decided against in the end. (Although if they've still got it - and I've got the money - next time I'm in there, I might pick it up anyway...)

That aside, the day - quite understandably - was spent indoors. I think I did some work on The X-Files, getting more of season 6 over from the Sky+ box into the Mac, and yet again marvelling at Virgin 1's ability to miss episodes (they've gone from the penultimate season 6 episode - that's penultimate, mark you - back to the start of season 1. Oh well. I have seasons 7 & 8 kicking around somewhere; I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for S9...). Don't recall doing anything else of note today, although Sarah is starting up her Open University course again, and today was watching various DVDs about ancient Rome (which is the subject of this year's module). (Technically, it's AA309, Power, Culture and Identity in the Roman Empire. But anyway.)
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