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I suspect the answer will be "no"...

...but I'll ask anyway.

Am I alone in thinking it's absolutely wonderful that there's a Lego Rock Band??? What a wonderful blending of franchises.

Too bad I don't have anything to play it on. Although I was mentioning to Sarah yesterday that frankly, we ought to have a PS3. (Sarah was rather dismissive of the idea, but mmf.)

Now, what they really need to do is Lego Doctor Who. I can't believe nobody's done it yet. I'm sure it'll happen eventually, though.

ETA: Lego Blake's 7!!!

btw, Sarah and I found this rather awesome comics/sci-fi shop in Harlow yesterday. I suspect we'll be going back there from time to time. We were discussing Auto Assembly and it turns out that the shop will have (and have had in previous years) a stall there. Apparently we're going to Auto Assembly this year. Well, Sarah's got to have somewhere to show off her Beachcomber costume... *g*
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