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Last weekend, I finally got round to watching the first eleven episodes of the latest (and indeed last) season of Dollhouse. Just the last couple of eps to go. I'll miss it, but (so far) I think they've done a good job of telling their story in the curtailed time available to them. And the cast is wonderful.

Which leads me on to the actual point of this episode.

I was there through a couple of episodes thinking, "I know this actress" (the one playing Bennett) - "where do I know her from?"

Well, yes, Mr so-called Firefly fan, it's Summer flippin' Glau!

If I had a Jean-Luc Picard facepalm, it would go about here...

(And then Caroline gets to comment of Bennett in a later episode, "bet she could kill you with her brain." *squee*)

And then in episode 10, it was only after I'd watched the episode and checked imdb and wiki that I realised that the actor playing Clyde was Adam Godley, who also played the teacher from Love, Actually who introduces the band playing All I want for Christmas....
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