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I take it...

...from today's Writer's Block thingy that it's Groundhog Day today.

I feel I ought to watch the film.

Except that I don't have a copy of it, so *meh*

Good things from the last few days: went to the doctor's on Thursday. Explained my current situation re: depression. He doubled my dose of Citalopram (now on 40mg a day). Might have been a placebo effect thing, but by Friday my mood had definitely improved somewhat. Still not feeling particularly great (but then I'm never a bundle of joy anyway), but the really appalling sense of despair and futility and wishing the whole damn world would go away and leave me to hibernate had gone, having been with me for the previous couple of weeks.

Also bought the Doctor Who Peladon DVD boxed set on the way home from the doctor's. Haven't seen much of it yet, although I sat through one episode of Monster with the fan commentary on. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing in full, as it's one of the (few, I think) Doctor Who serials that I've not seen yet, either on original broadcast or on VHS/DVD.

Speaking of which, after two false starts of trying to do a full rewatch of Classic Who, I've sort of given up. I have, however, been thinking of doing a nuWho rewatch - I figure if I can watch an episode a day over the next couple of months (well, most days) I should have the lot finished just about in time for Smiffy's turn as the Doctor.

Won't be able to do that this weekend though, as Sarah and I, in the company of multiclassgeek and zoeiona, are off to the SFX Weekender, which I'm rather looking forward to.

Highlight of the past few days was popping up to Sheffield to spend a couple of days in the company of the wonderful blazingskies and some of her geeky mates, where (amongst other things):

  • I drove Becky to Tesco and back (driving up Freedom Road? I-i-i-i-i-nteresting...) and she didn't scream once, so I must be an okay driver.
  • I went into the city (I love Sheffield, it's fabulous; I could quite happily live there, it's got a great vibe to it) and picked up Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale - The Final Chapter (it was a bit of an effort not to buy more stuff in the Sheffield Space Centre, *ahem*) and Lego Rock Band, which I've left up at Becky's on the sensible grounds that until I have a PS3 of my own it might as well stay with someone who'll get some use out of it), and had had a Nando's.
  • On the Saturday evening, we watched The Gamers and The Gamers 2, which were entertaining fun and thoroughly geeky. Pity I kept dropping off as the evening wore on, but in fairness, I was knackered...
  • On the Sunday, Shadow came round and we actually played some Lego Rock Band, which was enjoyable, once we'd sorted out the calibration...

Low light of the weekend was the journey home, which was slightly messed up by an important patch of the A14 being closed, and by some exceptionally heavy traffic on the diversion route because of an accident. Took me about 5½ hours to get home. At one point on the journey I was yawning and feeling really tired, but fortunately I managed to find a filling station to pull up in front of, where I had a rest and a KitKat.

Other low light is that Sarah has a migraine today. :o(

Important points arising from the last few days: I need to take more care of myself. As in, eating more of the right stuff, and eating less of (ideally none) of the wrong stuff. Trouble is, I have really bad issues as far as will power is concerned. A lot of the time, I just figure that it doesn't really matter. I mean, unless I really badly overeat, I don't feel particularly bad, so, what harm is a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate, or two, or three...etc. But yeah, I really badly need to change stuff. I'm not sure how - any support would be gratefully received. A while ago I suggested some sort of sponsored weight loss. Maybe that would be the right direction - if I felt the money was going to a good cause (I'm still, for personal reasons, inclined towards either Asthma UK or The Peace Hospice in Watford; possibly both), that might be a motivator.

Anyway. Stuff to do.

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