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Today has been good. Haven't had any crisps at all. Felt a bit weird early, sort of shaky. Wondered, in hindsight, if that might be withdrawal symptoms? But anyway, it's gone now. I was having my healthy lunch (mackerel with a side salad) and thinking, yeah, I feel kind of...mellow. Just have to have a bit of willpower for the remaining couple of hours of the day.

Heard from my boss. We'd been talking about the possibility of me transferring to another site, ideally Milton Keynes, when Sarah & I move house (because, frankly, a 1¼ hour - if the traffic's good - trip each way every day? Not happening...), and that's definitely on. On the negative side, we don't have a definite date for the move yet, but hopefully that'll all be sorted out in the not too distant. I think we're still vaguely hoping for some time around the end of this month.

Apparently, according to a friend of a colleague of Sarah's, it was snowing in Chelmsford earlier today. Didn't see any here in Broomfield, which is only about three miles north of Chelmsford town centre. *meh*

Sarah had a migraine yesterday, but she's better today and back at work. I gallantly slept downstairs so she could have a restful night's sleep. This entailed sleeping on the floor. Not the most comfortable night's kip in the world... But that said, I slept fairly soundly.

Paul Cornell has started a campaign to remind folks that not all Christians are homophobes. The campaign has a hashtag on Twitter. Get the word out. As someone who spends a lot of my time arguing online with some of those who are homophobes (and it drives me fair round the bend, frankly), this can't come a moment too soon.

Speaking of campaigns - but on a far lighter note - there's a campaign on Facebook to get Lord Bernard of Cribbins back into the UK charts. The idea being, buy a copy of Right said Fred between March 7th - 12th, and spread the word so that other people might do the same. Well, it worked for Rage Against the Machine...

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