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I shall let Professor Yaffle give you a clue as to my state of mind...

...just went down to Tesco and they don't have the latest Doctor Who Magazine in.

They're normally very good at getting it in on the day of, or even the day before, release.

I was looking forward to reading that on the way down to Camber Sands tomorrow.


However, as folks may have gathered from reading my most recent entries, my general mood is quite positive right now, and I'm not going to let a minor upset like this drag me back into the doldrums of depression. I may have to insist on a magazine stock-up break at some point on the journey to Camber Sands, though.

On the subject of Tesco...there are two roads from our place to Tesco. Both of them are in really really bad need of re-surfacing. If we weren't going to be moving soon-ish, I'd consider a strongly worded letter to the local council. Residents only parking on the street outside our house would be kind of cool as well...

In other news, watched the Dollhouse finale last night (eps 12 & 13) and annoyingly I'd already read about the three major spoilers so they didn't come as any great surprise. But still, good episodes, although I really ought to re-watch Epitaph at some point. Still...I'll miss it. I've really rather fallen in love with that show in the space of the last, what, five months (I started watching it shortly before the wedding), and it's a shame that something as unusual and different as that couldn't keep going.

Still got loads of Chuck and Supernatural to catch up on, and Ashes to Ashes to look forward to.

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